A Speck in Time

[Day 12 prompt: write a poem about something small. So many things in life are overwhelming, gigantic, creating feelings of insignificance. Our sense of time, past, present, and future, the world, disease and poverty. We are just one piece of a very large puzzle and are important regardless of our function.]

A Speck in Time

We are but a speck in the hourglass of time,

Our lives a mishmash of events eroded by the passage of time.

We are a microdot, a single sliver cut out of a massive orb.

Mere specks of artwork splattered across the globe.

We are microscopic shards of ice floating through life,

Our particles a living organism of oxygen breathing life.

A composite of elements, of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen,

We are invisible, part phosphorus, calcium, and nitrogen.

Our bodies made up of potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and chlorine,

We are covered by mankind’s largest organ, the skin,

A brittle core wrapped up in muscle and fat.

We are progressive, aggressive yet in spite of all that.

Our presence is but a brief moment in time,

We are a speck, a microdot, a microscopic element.

Enjoy the snow day, fellow Calgarians.


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