And for an encore…

Day 10, one day early!

Snowing in spring [ and yes, it did!]

It’s snowing today

but it shouldn’t be.

it’s April now,

it’s spring,

we should have rain, shouldn’t we?

it was twenty yesterday,

warm and sunny.

it’s only 6 today and cloudy.

the air is muggy,

hanging heavy,

a mix of snow and hail

bouncing off buildings,

sidewalks and cars.

the wind has shifted,

no longer a gale,

holding steady, the flag is still.

a light rain now falls,

the odd flake mixed in,

glad I have nowhere to be.

it’s a good day to stay in.

I’m not the best at rhyming, but I think this isn’t half bad. 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday,



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