Dancing on Wings

Plump Geese join the band of Jays amid a colony of Gulls.Finches charm the mob of Emus while the parliament of Owls shares their wisdom.Nightingales watch the deceit of Lapwings, bringing the Hawks to boil.The congress of Crows scares the Doves into flightwhile the Flamingos stand pat.Chickens brood over paddling Ducks,the chattering Starlings upset over… Continue reading Dancing on Wings

The Loner

Piercing blue eyes Staring out over the horizon, Mirroring the landscape laid out before him. A lone speck on a hillside, Removed from the pack, Standing strong and proud, Surviving on instinct, Fierce and bold. A young pup orphaned left to live or die. His loyalty only to himself, Untrusting of others, Finding comfort in… Continue reading The Loner

Sea of Beds

Living amongst a sea of beds full of poor souls Lost – lonely – trapped in their own worlds, Places we will never see – Can’t be – Or follow, Their destinations are exclusive – Private Availability just for one. Those of us on the fringe Wonder – Worry – Conjecture, Must use our imaginations… Continue reading Sea of Beds


Don’t strip away my dignity just because I’m not as I once was That I’m not as you remember me, Or what you want me to be again. My mind and body have changed-not as I would have liked, It has left me with the simple tasks of life to occupy my day. But the… Continue reading DIGNITY