How can we as a society breakdown the barriers between us—barriers separating our individuality and uniqueness. How can we allow the atrocities of another lay waste to a belief different to theirs—a belief stemmed from centuries of old customs, a way of life, a community with ideals, and the need to survive. How can we… Continue reading How


Do you remember when before mass recycling was a thing grocery stores had a corral of empty boxes you could take from? Furniture recycling was unknown, you fixed broken legs, upholstery restitched or replaced/ only when all options were exhausted did the derelict find its way to the landfill. Do you remember when, shopping wasn’t… Continue reading Remember

Day 20!

Numbers Numbers on clocks and numbers on docks Numerals decimals and fractions galore Numbers on pages and numbers on cages Numerals as letters, bullets and more Numbers on locks and numbers on keys Numerals beside letters, and symbols above Numbers on phones cards, numbers on alleys Numerals on sundials, laptops and tablets Numbers made of… Continue reading Day 20!


Today’s prompt: write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered. Slow to rise Eyes half shut Stumbles, trips over the cat in search of Coffee Rudely disturbed by an Abrupt weight landing on  My chest to explore  the length of… Continue reading Hello

I just had to share

Thanks for viewing. Have a lovely last few days of March. I guess we’re going out like a lamb here in Calgary. Enjoy the sunshine!! Hugs,

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures [pnes]and Epilepsy

PNES is diagnosed using some of the same technology as epilepsy. Electrodes (tiny discs the size of a dime) glued to the scalp and attached to an EEG (electroencephalogram), are used to confirm any electrical disturbances on the brain, specifically the neurons. Epileptic seizures are a result of misfiring neurons the discharges appear like earthquakes… Continue reading Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures [pnes]and Epilepsy

Anxiety, Fear, and Scared Shitless!

I never thought I was an anxious person and I don’t think I knew the true definition of anxiety until 2015. Or maybe a little before then. We all get those ‘butterflies’ in the stomach sensation, that ‘oh shit’ feeling  from time to time. But, for me, it’s more than that. When it was just… Continue reading Anxiety, Fear, and Scared Shitless!