Day 19, better late than never!

an alliance, and brotherhood,

an association, gathering, of a fraternity, or group.

the solidarity of individuals within a network of like-minded souls banded together in fellowship.

an order, a league, platoon, or a brigade,

the division within a team, a crew, or a sorority.

a faction of millions struggling to live normal lives, to be part of the in-crowd, in a biased and ignorant world.

an outfit, troupe, a horde, sect, or flock of sheep,

the class assembly, of a pack within a crowd.

a consortium of men, women, and children stigmatized for their difference, unable to conform to the distorted definition of normal.


no matter how those on the outside looking in may think, feel, or believe,

there lies within the nucleus a compassionate extended family

of comrades, empathetic, reassuring, and inspiring,

protective of one another, magnanimous and kind-hearted.

it’s to those open-minded, unselfish people i wish to emulate,

to parrot, mimic, strive to be.

i wish to be a part of such a world,

a throng of people giving unto themselves

to the broken, beat-up members

belonging to a community consumed

by hate and ignorance.


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