Day 14

I’m that Woman

I’m that woman who talks to herself as she wanders the aisles in the store, muttering what to buy, where the juice is, where’s the canned goods and frozen fruit.

I’m that woman who counts her steps out loud, focusing on anything except her worries and her fears.

I’m that woman who can’t walk straight, her balance out of kilter from side effects and a blocked ear.

I’m that woman with built in blinders, bumping into walls doorways, and people, her range of vision impaired on both sides.

I’m that woman with double vision, the muscles not strong enough to look straight ahead.

I’m that woman still suffering seizures despite surgeries and medications.

I’m that woman with epileptic and non-epileptic seizures similar yet not the same.

I’m that woman, who can’t handle stress, overwhelms easily and often forgets.

I’m that woman who can not go to the movies, concerts and sporting events.

I’m that woman who lives another life, one so very different than before.

I’m that woman who lives to survive and surviving just to live.

I’m that woman that won’t give up, stubborn and ornery to the core.

I’m that woman with a constant black cloud, following her every day.

I’m that woman seeking that silver lining, unwilling to live in the dark.

I’m that woman with an inner strength forcing herself to keep moving.

I’m that woman who’s proud of her accomplishments and the hills she’s had to climb.

I’m that woman and I’m not embarrassed.

I’m that woman and damn proud of it.

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the long weekend.


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