Day 20!


Numbers on clocks and numbers on docks

Numerals decimals and fractions galore

Numbers on pages and numbers on cages

Numerals as letters, bullets and more

Numbers on locks and numbers on keys

Numerals beside letters, and symbols above

Numbers on phones cards, numbers on alleys

Numerals on sundials, laptops and tablets

Numbers made of cereal, pasta, and candy

Numerals on books, cards and pamphlets

Numbers on houses on stores isn’t that handy

Numerals on planes on trains, boats and cars

Numbers on courses, holes, on clubs and scorecards

Numerals on balls and darts boards in bars

Numbers as fractions, even or prime are odd

Numerals or numbers, decimals fractions whole or in part

 Numbers on stopwatches our time is up thanks for playing it means a lot

Rhyming isn’t my forte, but what the hell…

Enjoy the day,