Day 8

My Other Self

I’m split in two, an innie an outie and lost somewhere in between.

By outward appearances, I embrace the world,

caring, supportive and helpful.

The outie in me projects a truthful nature open and true to life.

A contagious chuckle, a dry wit and a glass half full kinda gal.

A true believer of laughter is the best medicine and the power of positive thought.

A Dear Abby friend full of practical advice empathic and understanding.

But the innie in me, is a different breed living in dark versus the light.

The innie of my nature, is quiet keeping to herself.

Happier alone, insulated from life lost in a world of her making.

This inner being an introvert, ponders a life of tragedy loss and grief.

An orphan at 55, a brain out of control, and a body that’s falling apart

Her inside voice is introspective seeking reasons for this and that.

 On a mission for answers and explanations to questions of complex and irrational behaviours held without scientific reason.

An innie of deep thought and strong emotion lacking hope and a future filled with promise.

This other self is depressed, lost and in mourning, grieving for those things that came naturally once easy, gone and not likely to come back.

Despite the turbulent turmoil within this façade of peace and tranquility, an outer self surges bringing a sliver of light the spark of life and good things yet to come.

The outer shell pokes and prods pulling its opposite through the cracks.

 like a needle with thread, it closes the chasm of all things negative leaving the darkness behind

 offering a life of freedom and joy.