Evrythin’s Broke

evrythin’s broke ‘n I know not what to do.

a backed-up sink, A clock that sticks, ‘n oven that refuses to clean.

this stuff ain’t old but tisn’t new they’ve just been used ‘n abused.

lights ‘a flicker’ en, A furnace cut ‘in out

overflow ‘in toilets gutters ’n drains

rot ‘en sidin’ chew’ d up in bits

home to ‘n army of carpenter ants

traded a home built of wood ‘n nails

for a hi rise ‘partment of concrete ’n steel

 8 years young ‘n  in vogue ‘n modern

still with out flaws.

3 sinks that back up

a stove that won’t clean

a balcony in a war zone

fight ‘in off pigeons with whate’er means

not ‘in is perfect there’ll always be wear ‘n tear

but wouldn’t it be nice to spend the day

‘n a fully function’ in kitchen

with bathrooms flow ‘in freely

a pigeon free balc’ny to sit ‘n visit

no poop no mess just you ‘n me ‘n a cup of tea

enjoy your evening and your week,