For B.W.

tall like the Friendly Giant, dapper as Jiminy Cricket, as smart as Einstein, and as strong as Hercules.

your presence comforting, your laughter infectious, quick witted funny a master of jokes and gags.

a good-natured being a giving soul with friends aplenty and girlfriends too.

you were my first—my first teenaged crush—teasing and kind oh so friendly and warm.

tolerating my annoying devotion yet never a harsh word spoken, pleasant as always never demeaning.

you were the first—the first to give me my nickname—Lizard Lips you called me, sometimes Lizzie.

the attention you bestowed upon me only fed my infatuation, and still i was no bother, no pain in the ass.

your pain did not stem from me, it came from within you—Cancer, they said, found after removing your appendix.

it spread throughout your body, i was told—your pure and innocent body, and you slipped away behind a veil of mystery.

i was too young they said.

he did not want to be seen they told me.

there was no one to take me—no one to take me—to say goodbye and you left me too early,

were much too young—too young to fade away—too young to die and i miss you still—will   never forget you B.W.

my first teenaged crush—my first biggest crush, i won’t ever forget you,

 your memory stays alive—your memory stays alive it lives inside—will live in me forever.


Love Lizzie

Love Iggie

Love Linda

in loving memory of a beautiful soul rescued from a dying body.