Green spaces and sand traps

I’m not adverse to sports, I like my hockey and football, own jerseys and hats pay for  streaming and extra channels so as not to miss out.

But what I can’t understand is the driving urge to stand out in the hot sun in silence rooting for a pimpled ball to roll in a hole.

I once worked for a fella, two actually, so engulfed in the sport, their passion overriding all else.

Living on the coast golf season was year-round, rain or sunshine, cloudy and cold, and even in the snow.

I never understood, still don’t in fact, of whacking a white ball with an iron bat.

More time is spent, standing and waiting, the only movement is the golfer swinging.

Drinking and driving was acceptable on the course, inebriated spectators, officials and cabbies weaving along pathways.

Hours and hours the game drags on, from dawn to dusk until the sun’s gone.

So little action, no cheering no chanting, no organs, horns and flashing lights, the only waves among trees, breezes rippling along ponds, stirring the sand in strategically placed traps.

So boring and drawn out seems like a waste of a day, no benches or hammocks for the weary to rest.

It may be big business with big prizes, company logos sponsors and trophies.

I can not deny the strategy skill and passion of players and I take my hat off to them.

But you know, I’m so not interested am bored to tears, have no desire to go.

to be truthfully honest I’d rather watch grass grow!

*This poem goes out to Dean and Rob, you know who you are!

Happy Good Friday, Happy Easter, and enjoy the long weekend!

I hope the weather wherever you are is warmer and drier than here in Calgary! Snow in mid-April @@ GIVE ME A BREAK!!