How can we as a society breakdown the barriers between us—barriers separating our individuality and uniqueness.

How can we allow the atrocities of another lay waste to a belief different to theirs—a belief stemmed from centuries of old customs, a way of life, a community with ideals, and the need to survive.

How can we ostracize others because of their gender, the colour of their skin—skin that covers a frame like all others, protecting vital organs, an armour against the elements and prejudice.

How can we judge those who reside in towns and villages without electricity, running water, the basic necessities of life—necessities foreign to a society who values more than the material, respects their elders, the hierarchy of generations working together, the strong tending to the weak and the sick.

How can we possibly place things above people, covet man-made objects meant to define societal norms—norms that discriminate against those who won’t blindly follow the herd wishing to forge their own path.

How can we after the horrific events of our recent past move forward, enter a world of enlightenment—a world of acceptance and brotherhood, create a place of comfort for all, without fear of retaliation for who we are.

How do we progress to this state of euphoria, that blessed state without bias, hate, and greed, to change society’s me, myself, and I philosophy and find a common ground—a common ground where the meek survive, steering clear of perilous cliffs and self destruction.

How can wecan we do what we’ve been capable of, have always been able to, yes, is it possible, but how?