Life: a curve ball gone squirrelly…a black & white picture exploding in colour…a mystery and a gift.

Reality is the real versus pretend. The actual, not the possible. No make-believe, wishes, or lies.

Reality is what happened , not what you feared. It’s the outcome of events of which you cannot control. It isn’t always black and white, positive, negative, or right vs wrong.

Reality just is…

Let me tell you a story. A story of an imagination gone wild. How a simple doctor’s appointment grew from just a routine follow up to a sinister event. A terrifying, horrendous thing that can only be the worst thing ever!

But. It wasn’t. It was actually, in reality, a pleasant surprise!

No eye surgery … No Botox … Go ahead and get those new glasses you want and need …see you in 2 months and we’ll go from there.

No bad news. Only good. No nightmares… No bogeymen, scary shapes or shadows.

That curve ball going wide still connected with the bat,and leather stitching and all, over the fence it flew.

Sometimes our minds become so obsessed with what can go wrong, it often forgets there’s another side to the toss.

Where there’s a negative, the positive is always present. When things go wrong, there’s always a right way to fix it. Good and bad. Happy or sad. Forwards…backwards…left or right, up and down…every action creates a reaction… and each reaction causes an action to occur.

The moral of this little tale, is don’t be swept up by what isn’t true. Check out the facts, make a list , mull it over, look for the silver lining, stay present,focus on the moment, and breathe.

All the best on your journey.

Take care and stay safe.

With many hugs,