Open Hearts and Open minds

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in someone else’s shoes? To walk a mile or two going through what they do?

Ever asked yourself what it feels like to be sick, really sick? To experience those bad days hoping for the good?

Do you even know what pain is? How the simple act of sitting up, standing, or walking makes you catch your breath?

What about those days you can’t leave your bed, not wanting to get dressed or eat?

Could you imagine a life spent in isolation? That your second home is a hospital, and the staff are more family than caregivers?

Would you feel sorry for yourself? Would you roll over and give up?

Or could you stay strong and fight, using every weapon at your disposal?

Do you think you could learn without judgment? Accept what you don’t know yourself for fact?

What if we could absorb all that surrounds us? Soak up the experiences of others without suffering?

Would it make a difference?

Could we make a difference?

Shouldn’t we at least try?

Let us not judge others by what we see.

Let us accept what we cannot feel and believe in what we cannot see.

An open mind is an open heart gathering us all with open arms.

Embrace the day and hug someone,