pieces of me 

wandering in a daze—searching.

searching for what? —reality.

reality that fades in and out.

out of sync no longer cohesive—fragmented.

fragmented pictures moving in and out of focus.

focus unglued thoughts empty wandering.

wandering through time and space clueless.

clueless of surroundings blind and uncomprehending.

uncomprehending the reactions to actions.

actions involuntary, unstoppable, not forced.

forced to bend to the demands of mind control.

control from within bleeding out turned inside out.

out of strength, weak, and unconscious.

unconscious and alone unable to feel—numb.

numb to the whole now broken and in pieces.

pieces of images snapshots of a video in slow motion.

motion inhibited by chemical influences.

influences from an outer source offering strength.

strength overridden by weakness and pain.

pain searing, excruciating endless.

endless appeals ignored—unanswered.

unanswered questions, ignorance.

ignorance of suffering battling disease.

disease, sickness, fear of transmission.

transmission of illness unable to spread to infect another.

another incident of ripping, tearing apart.

apart from the essence of the whole.

whole chunks missing broken into pieces.

pieces floating within a bubble carried away on waves.

waves of panic untethered.

untethered emotions crashing together.

together united in destruction and turmoil.

turmoil of a disturbed mind fighting for balance.

balance of thought disjointed out of kilter.

out of kilter, hysterical, maniacal, depressed and suppressed.

suppressed memory hidden, locked away.

away from mirrors of light kept in darkness.

darkness comforting but not healing.

healing essential, necessary, achievable.

achievable, possible a necessary evil.

evil overcome when shattered into pieces.