The Art of Perfection (or is it a curse?)

The art of perfection takes years to perfect, yes pun intended. My lessons began at an early age and growing up in the 60s and 70s, we didn’t mince words. The world was seen in shades, not colour. I recall old adages relating to ‘doing things right’ ‘haste makes waste’ and ‘if you want something… Continue reading The Art of Perfection (or is it a curse?)

Rise & Fall

Day 29, only one more to go!!!! one foot in front of another….trudging –slow–and–steady..reaching to–wards a cloudless sky to greet the sun’s awakening.   teetering atop unstable rocks, earth toppling…down to–wards the lush valley below…. r-ol-l lin-g   to…..a…..STOP!!!against a BOULDER    OF GRANITE, a… rush… of… .air… E-X-P-E-L-L-E–D through a mouth…. filled with dust, … a……… Continue reading Rise & Fall

NaPoWriMo 2022

I know there’s still two more days left, but you know how fickle the creative mind is, and this little bit popped into my head this morning. Write a poem, they say and complete one every day. For thirty days you must write, scribbling well into the night. This isn’t a contest with prizes or… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 2022


How can we as a society breakdown the barriers between us—barriers separating our individuality and uniqueness. How can we allow the atrocities of another lay waste to a belief different to theirs—a belief stemmed from centuries of old customs, a way of life, a community with ideals, and the need to survive. How can we… Continue reading How


Linked by a chain woven by happenstance, a fusion of the like-minded strung along a line swaying by time and place.   It’s a coming together, a melding of souls so similar yet different in substance carrying on individually supported by cradling arms. Belonging to networks of communities small and large constructed by those with a… Continue reading Connections

pieces of me 

wandering in a daze—searching. searching for what? —reality. reality that fades in and out. out of sync no longer cohesive—fragmented. fragmented pictures moving in and out of focus. focus unglued thoughts empty wandering. wandering through time and space clueless. clueless of surroundings blind and uncomprehending. uncomprehending the reactions to actions. actions involuntary, unstoppable, not forced.… Continue reading pieces of me