Who are We

** warning, this is the longest poem I’ve ever done! 😲 do you know who I am, how I feel and how I hurt deep down inside.  how the ignorance and prejudices of the world is desensitized to the needs of those who struggle. If you appear different no one looks at you, if your… Continue reading Who are We

For B.W.

tall like the Friendly Giant, dapper as Jiminy Cricket, as smart as Einstein, and as strong as Hercules. your presence comforting, your laughter infectious, quick witted funny a master of jokes and gags. a good-natured being a giving soul with friends aplenty and girlfriends too. you were my first—my first teenaged crush—teasing and kind oh… Continue reading For B.W.

Day 20!

Numbers Numbers on clocks and numbers on docks Numerals decimals and fractions galore Numbers on pages and numbers on cages Numerals as letters, bullets and more Numbers on locks and numbers on keys Numerals beside letters, and symbols above Numbers on phones cards, numbers on alleys Numerals on sundials, laptops and tablets Numbers made of… Continue reading Day 20!


Day 19, better late than never! an alliance, and brotherhood, an association, gathering, of a fraternity, or group. the solidarity of individuals within a network of like-minded souls banded together in fellowship. an order, a league, platoon, or a brigade, the division within a team, a crew, or a sorority. a faction of millions struggling… Continue reading Community


Today’s prompt: write your own poem that provides five answers to the same question – without ever specifically identifying the question that is being answered. Slow to rise Eyes half shut Stumbles, trips over the cat in search of Coffee Rudely disturbed by an Abrupt weight landing on  My chest to explore  the length of… Continue reading Hello


Day 17 one day late. warm fingertips press against nodes, hardened by toxins of tension and stress. soft lights, low soothing music, no sound other than muscles relaxing, stretching out. a sensation, an experience of being somewhere, someone else, on another plane without any pressure. a tender spot here, a knot there, give way to… Continue reading Reflex


The silence is catching, no one wants to breach it. The steady hum of the fridge, the whisper of traffic outside. Silence surrounds us replaces the din of useless bits of noise. Slamming doors, squealing tires, a couple in the midst of a fight. To sit and listen, really, truly listen to the still air… Continue reading Silence

Day 14

I’m that Woman I’m that woman who talks to herself as she wanders the aisles in the store, muttering what to buy, where the juice is, where’s the canned goods and frozen fruit. I’m that woman who counts her steps out loud, focusing on anything except her worries and her fears. I’m that woman who… Continue reading Day 14