Day 13

No Words words escape me, are out of reach or just not there at all this thirteenth poem just won’t come it’s hidden behind a wall no consonants no vowels no hyphens, commas, no sound only a heavy silence and blank page no poem to be found It’s not much, but it is a poem.… Continue reading Day 13

A Speck in Time

[Day 12 prompt: write a poem about something small. So many things in life are overwhelming, gigantic, creating feelings of insignificance. Our sense of time, past, present, and future, the world, disease and poverty. We are just one piece of a very large puzzle and are important regardless of our function.] A Speck in Time… Continue reading A Speck in Time

Day 11

[Today’s prompt is to write a poem about a very large thing. Interpret this how you will. Enjoy.] i feel small i feel like an ant, or how I believe one would, crawling along a sidewalk falling into cracks, using every ounce of strength to scale the heights back to the scorching concrete. i feel… Continue reading Day 11

Day 9 Insanity

a world torn apart by ignorance and indiscriminate bloodshed  incapable to accept the diverse nature of our humanity. obsessive greed, maniacal, intense, hate. The challenge today was write a nonet. A nonet is a syllabic poem where, in this case, is made up of 9 lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second 8,… Continue reading Day 9 Insanity

Day 8

My Other Self I’m split in two, an innie an outie and lost somewhere in between. By outward appearances, I embrace the world, caring, supportive and helpful. The outie in me projects a truthful nature open and true to life. A contagious chuckle, a dry wit and a glass half full kinda gal. A true… Continue reading Day 8

Nothing better than…

There’s nothing better than… … … …spending time with a stranger, sharing the intimate bits and pieces of lives gone awry. The camaraderie of struggles similar yet worlds apart. There’s nothing better than … … … …understanding the physical pain and mental anguish of waking in unfamiliar surroundings, bruised and battered, aching and sore. The… Continue reading Nothing better than…

Day 4

Today’s prompt…write a poem . . . in the form of a poetry prompt. Tell Me a Story tell me about life, yours. speak of what you’ve done, your challenges. tell me of your hopes and wishes, your dreams. share with me the worst day ever, your nightmares. tell us about freedom, yours. speak of… Continue reading Day 4