Day 4

Today’s prompt…write a poem . . . in the form of a poetry prompt. Tell Me a Story tell me about life, yours. speak of what you’ve done, your challenges. tell me of your hopes and wishes, your dreams. share with me the worst day ever, your nightmares. tell us about freedom, yours. speak of… Continue reading Day 4

Heart’s Blood

{NaPoWriMo April 2022} Poem No. 1 THE beat goes on … thump…thump…thump, expanding and contracting, forcing oxygen through the tiny tubes winding throughout within its protective cage. Twisting, turning, curving in … curving out … about the cogs of finely oiled parts—greasing the wheels. THE core of intricate parts, the centre of the whole. WITHOUT… Continue reading Heart’s Blood

I just had to share

Thanks for viewing. Have a lovely last few days of March. I guess we’re going out like a lamb here in Calgary. Enjoy the sunshine!! Hugs,


{Long post warning} A thought occurred to me this morning, one of those AH-HA moments where the realization of something that’s bounced around in the crevices of your mind now appears as Johnny did in The Shinning. In the early days since my epilepsy diagnosis, I journalled writing down every thought, fear, frustration, and anything… Continue reading Introspection

People and Places

Over the years since my epilepsy diagnosis, I’ve encountered all sorts of individuals and found myself in places I never imagined. Almost 2 years after my sentencing, I’d hadn’t connected with anyone, other than my old boss, who had epilepsy or knew what I was experiencing. I had my sister, of course, a medical professional… Continue reading People and Places

I am Numb

It’s true what they say about being depressed—you’re  the last one to know. It’s as if we can’t recognize the signs, or we don’t want to. The old,’ if I can’t see it, it’s not real’ philosophy. But with everything else in life, you can’t wish things away. If you turn your back on it,… Continue reading I am Numb