PNES is not a topic the general population is aware of, even less so than epilepsy. Being a psychological disorder, it’s lumped in with all the others and disregarded. At least in my opinion and limited experience with it. Ironically enough, and I may be wrong, there seems to be more books out there by… Continue reading I GET NO RESPECT

Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures [pnes]and Epilepsy

PNES is diagnosed using some of the same technology as epilepsy. Electrodes (tiny discs the size of a dime) glued to the scalp and attached to an EEG (electroencephalogram), are used to confirm any electrical disturbances on the brain, specifically the neurons. Epileptic seizures are a result of misfiring neurons the discharges appear like earthquakes… Continue reading Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures [pnes]and Epilepsy

Foothills Poetry

My time in the seizure unit was filled with tests, seizures, hockey games, Netflix, reading, puzzle books, and poetry. Sitting, or laying in a hospital bed, within a 9×9 cell, 20 or more electrodes crazy-glued to my head, and attached to a cord plugged into a computer mounted on the wall, was almost suffocating. The… Continue reading Foothills Poetry

Anxiety, Fear, and Scared Shitless!

I never thought I was an anxious person and I don’t think I knew the true definition of anxiety until 2015. Or maybe a little before then. We all get those ‘butterflies’ in the stomach sensation, that ‘oh shit’ feeling  from time to time. But, for me, it’s more than that. When it was just… Continue reading Anxiety, Fear, and Scared Shitless!

Suicidal Thoughts

**WARNING This section may be upsetting or disturbing, proceed with caution.** I never thought this would happen to me, to be so despondent that I’d consider taking my life. Those thoughts belong to other people, the homeless, victims of violence, those with mental illnesses. Not me. But anyone could feel this way. Depression, anxiety, stress,… Continue reading Suicidal Thoughts

Did You Have to Die?

British Rose did you have to die? you left without a goodbye. no hug and kiss or teary eye, you passed as you wished, no machines to let you exist. but did you have to die? I am hollow and lost without you here. we were close, my best friend, mother, dear. to leave me… Continue reading Did You Have to Die?

In memory of Joyce

She was a beautiful lady inside and out. Regal. Her touch could soothe your worst fears.  Her words calmed any storm. Her arms a balm to your soul. She was loving, generous, and with a fire inside to warm your heart on those cold, lonely days. She was a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, and aunt. A best friend. Her sweet scent and resilience touched those around her, feeling… Continue reading In memory of Joyce

Dancing on Wings

Plump Geese join the band of Jays amid a colony of Gulls.Finches charm the mob of Emus while the parliament of Owls shares their wisdom.Nightingales watch the deceit of Lapwings, bringing the Hawks to boil.The congress of Crows scares the Doves into flightwhile the Flamingos stand pat.Chickens brood over paddling Ducks,the chattering Starlings upset over… Continue reading Dancing on Wings

The Loner

Piercing blue eyes Staring out over the horizon, Mirroring the landscape laid out before him. A lone speck on a hillside, Removed from the pack, Standing strong and proud, Surviving on instinct, Fierce and bold. A young pup orphaned left to live or die. His loyalty only to himself, Untrusting of others, Finding comfort in… Continue reading The Loner