Prairie Fire

Undulating waves of gold and red blankets its victim, snuffing out the air leaving pockets of light, with a glimpse of freedom.

At a distance it appears like coloured icing swirling and curling up , levelling out, thinning to a mere gauze-like film lightening to a milky shade, opalescent like a cloud peeking between towers of concrete stalks unmoving, the wind dead.

Sparkling white flecks fading, disappearing beneath a brilliant yellow of 14 carat gold, glimmering.

A vibrant, low-pitched hum of movement awakening an army of ants purposeful and focused, fanning out to destinations unknown yet determined and quick, forceful when needed.

An orchestrated dance ebbing and flowing like the steps of a waltz.

The silence of the dark set aside making way for the energy that surges stretching out, electrifying all that it touches awakening the soul that sleeps, pulling it out into a new world, the start of a fresh experience, a new day.