The silence is catching, no one wants to breach it.

The steady hum of the fridge, the whisper of traffic outside.

Silence surrounds us replaces the din of useless bits of noise. Slamming doors, squealing tires, a couple in the midst of a fight.

To sit and listen, really, truly listen to the still air around, not labelling, not drawing any conclusions, not judging what greets the ear.

A voice speaks, slices through the barrier of quiet disturbs the inner lining beating on the drum, echoing through the canal, it’s sound carrying on and on.

Slow gentle breathing feeling the rise and fall of the belly creates an aura of peace and tranquility relaxes the mind and soul.

Silence is a precious commodity, worth more than silver, gold, or platinum. The peace and tranquility put life into balance relaxes tight muscles reduces stressors of the day, turning inwards, seeking out your inner self, stretching out stiff and sore muscles granting peace.

Every now and then, sitting in silence, taking in your surroundings through your senses grounds you, calming the mind, and restoring your soul.

May your days be filled with peace and serenity.,


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