the art of tattoo

OMG..this is so long overdue… As some of you may know, since moving to Calgary, I’ve gotten some tattoos. yes, shocking isn’t it? Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. I’m going to blame my location to the tattoo parlour, it’s only a few steps from my building. All too convenient I’ll say. But.… Continue reading the art of tattoo

Day 8

My Other Self I’m split in two, an innie an outie and lost somewhere in between. By outward appearances, I embrace the world, caring, supportive and helpful. The outie in me projects a truthful nature open and true to life. A contagious chuckle, a dry wit and a glass half full kinda gal. A true… Continue reading Day 8

Electrical Overload – A Poem

We’ve never had all the answers. The why—the how come—the where—the what’s next? I’d come to terms with not driving. Swore not to drink again, that evil partly to blame for bringing me to where I am today. The stressors—my life choices. Terrible—horrible—bad decisions when faced with a fork in the road, led down the… Continue reading Electrical Overload – A Poem

Prairie Fire

Undulating waves of gold and red blankets its victim, snuffing out the air leaving pockets of light, with a glimpse of freedom. At a distance it appears like coloured icing swirling and curling up , levelling out, thinning to a mere gauze-like film lightening to a milky shade, opalescent like a cloud peeking between towers… Continue reading Prairie Fire

Dancing on Wings

Plump Geese join the band of Jays amid a colony of Gulls.Finches charm the mob of Emus while the parliament of Owls shares their wisdom.Nightingales watch the deceit of Lapwings, bringing the Hawks to boil.The congress of Crows scares the Doves into flightwhile the Flamingos stand pat.Chickens brood over paddling Ducks,the chattering Starlings upset over… Continue reading Dancing on Wings

The Loner

Piercing blue eyes Staring out over the horizon, Mirroring the landscape laid out before him. A lone speck on a hillside, Removed from the pack, Standing strong and proud, Surviving on instinct, Fierce and bold. A young pup orphaned left to live or die. His loyalty only to himself, Untrusting of others, Finding comfort in… Continue reading The Loner

About Me

Born and raised in British Columbia, CanadaResides in Calgary, AlbertaI was officially diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015 at the age of 49, followed by a secondary diagnosis of Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures in 2019.I’m one of the 10-20% that live with both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. Why this blog?My goal is to share the complexities of… Continue reading About Me

This is long over due! Welcome to my first blog post.

Hello, my name is Linda McClure, but then you already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Wow. Okay. First, I’m not very tech savvy, at least not anymore. My brain doesn’t function like it used to. So, I will apologize for the starkness of my blog. It’s not a pretty page, but then… Continue reading This is long over due! Welcome to my first blog post.