Open Hearts and Open minds

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in someone else’s shoes? To walk a mile or two going through what they do? Ever asked yourself what it feels like to be sick, really sick? To experience those bad days hoping for the good? Do you even know what pain is? How… Continue reading Open Hearts and Open minds

Life: a curve ball gone squirrelly…a black & white picture exploding in colour…a mystery and a gift.

Reality is the real versus pretend. The actual, not the possible. No make-believe, wishes, or lies. Reality is what happened , not what you feared. It’s the outcome of events of which you cannot control. It isn’t always black and white, positive, negative, or right vs wrong. Reality just is… Let me tell you a… Continue reading Life: a curve ball gone squirrelly…a black & white picture exploding in colour…a mystery and a gift.


Happy New Year—one month late. Whether you live with epilepsy, pnes, or both, and no matter the frequency of your seizures, the recovery period isn’t just regaining the physical balance, returning to your baseline as neurologists state, it also encompasses the mind. That emotional aspect of ‘not again’ what did I do wrong? How could… Continue reading Recovery

the art of tattoo

OMG..this is so long overdue… As some of you may know, since moving to Calgary, I’ve gotten some tattoos. yes, shocking isn’t it? Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. I’m going to blame my location to the tattoo parlour, it’s only a few steps from my building. All too convenient I’ll say. But.… Continue reading the art of tattoo

The Power of Nurses

Living with a chronic illness/disease, the focus is placed on a number of things: Often times, there are elements forgotten in the day-to-day struggles, the physical and emotional effects, and access to care. For me, personally, many of these areas were missing in the early days of my epilepsy diagnosis. The lack of resources, education,… Continue reading The Power of Nurses

I Just Remembered..

The memory is a funny creature. Sometimes preferring to hide away in its lair, hibernating until it awakens, rising to the surface slowly like a bubble weaving and bobbing its way to the top. Or so it seems to me.The brain stores, somewhere amongst the million or more neurons, thoughts and feelings in neat little… Continue reading I Just Remembered..

Boundaries and limits

After receiving my epilepsy diagnosis, I spiralled into a state of shock, disbelief, fear, and , yes, self pity. Emotions I’ve spent decades burying rushed to the surface. Sadness, anger, grief, and even guilt. It’s taken a long winding road full of hills and valleys, moving along narrow rocky paths inches from the edge of… Continue reading Boundaries and limits