The Hardest Part

A bonus poem, just because 🙂

The Hardest Part is Opening our Eyes and Ears

The hardest part of getting up is moving, moving onwards after a fall.

The hardest part of starting over is overcoming the fear, the fear of falling once more and doing it on purpose.

The hardest part of sharing your feelings is the vulnerable side you’re exposing, exposing yourself to another who can abuse that power.

The hardest part of asking for help only proves your inability to perform what was once oh so easy and is now evident by your incompetence.

The hardest part of admitting your life has veered off course and will possibly never correct back to where you once were.

The hardest part of any chronic disease is placing your life into the hands of strangers, granting them the authority to mess with your body and mind.

The hardest part of living with depression and anxiety is finding the courage to survive, to see it through to another day; it’s the hardest part of living.

The hardest part of talking is an audience that refuses to listen, that closes their ears and eyes to the truth they don’t want to know, pretending not to notice what is all about them, and subscribing to the belief; if they can’t see, feel, taste, or hear it, then it isn’t real.

The hardest part is not knowing your place in society, where you fit in, if at all, and if those surrounding you accept you for who you are and what you represent without bias or prejudice.

If we open our ears we can hear sounds around us, the joys and sorrows, happiness and sadness, the horrors and the blessings.

If we open our eyes those same sounds will transform into visions, pictures circling within our minds like frames of a movie wound around a reel.

If we open our ears and listen, listen to the real-life stories of hardships and barriers faced by so many considered to be different and unusual, lacking in some way from what is considered normal, or so they say.

If we open our eyes and watch those same individuals ridiculed and shunned for their idiosyncrasies, we’ll find they’re really not much different, are actually unique, are a community of beings we can learn from.

If we opened our ears and listen without bias, refraining from judging and assuming a prejudiced mindset, we’d find a similarity to the morals and values and a common outlook on life we all hold dear.

If we opened our eyes and remove the blinders and recognize we may need glasses to see clearly what had always been blurred and obscured by ignorance.

If we would only open our ears, clear out the wax and focus on the words being spoken, we could become wiser and gain insights into worlds we did not know existed or refused to believe.

If we would just open our eyes and scrutinize the horizon laid before us, turn around and look behind us, and to the left and to the right we’d gain a better understanding of where we’ve been and where we’re headed, and just maybe see the light where the darkness once lived.

The hardest part is opening our eyes and listening to the life buzzing around us and embracing it.

Until next time 😉

Hmm…maybe I might try NaNoWriMo in November! maybe, possibly, we’ll see.