The Loner

Piercing blue eyes

Staring out over the horizon,

Mirroring the landscape laid out before him.

A lone speck on a hillside,

Removed from the pack,

Standing strong and proud,

Surviving on instinct,

Fierce and bold.

A young pup orphaned left to live or die.

His loyalty only to himself,

Untrusting of others,

Finding comfort in solitude,

Seeking help from none.

Watching and learning is how he gets by,

A loner living amongst tightknit packs.

An outsider—interloper—stranger,

He comes and he goes answering to no one.

Alone and a loner he travels as one,

No one to worry about,

No responsibilities nor commitments.

He does as he pleases.

Roams where he may.

A solitary existence is what he seeks,

To be alone and left on his own that is, 

The Loner.

by, Anne Paterson

*The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology