What Was Old is New Again

It’s such an exciting feeling for an author or poet to see their creation, their flow of words come alive on the screen or in print. Such a joy to know that someone else believes in your work and is willing to give you a chance.

But then, suddenly, those words are no longer lit up, the venue they appeared on, no longer exists and their claim to fame sent off to some graveyard.

But wait! There’s a silver lining, the calvary has reached the top of the knoll, coming to the rescue.

With many thanks to Defuncted Journal, those first poems of my early days of publication, have sprung to life. Resurrected from the graveyard of the rejected bits not quite good enough to share with a larger audience.

Thank goodness for the number of literary magazines willing to resurface old works thought gone and lost forever. Thank God, there are others who see value in our work, the time put into creating it, only to have its home reduced to nothing but a name we all used to know.

Here’s to the renewal of all those things we held dear and are now within reach once again.