Who are We

** warning, this is the longest poem I’ve ever done! 😲

do you know who I am, how I feel and how I hurt deep down inside.

 how the ignorance and prejudices of the world is desensitized to the needs of those who struggle.

If you appear different no one looks at you,

if your words don’t have meaning aren’t part of the collective norm, and you are left standing alone in a corner talking to yourself.

why does society turn a blind eye to abuse physical or emotional,

 allows bullying and ridicule targeted at the weak and the suffering just because they can’t relate, don’t understand.

an invalid in a wheelchair is often times ignored, left to negotiate a life full of barriers.

 no accommodation for their impairments, their parking spots taken by those who can walk, see and not fall.

how is it that any condition involving the brain automatically means the person is dumb and incapable of participating within an ignorant community of uninformed individuals unwilling to learn.

why are some chronic diseases considered more important, deserves more notice money and research.

who decides what is considered a debilitating illness, whether it is long term or just temporary.

how is it big corporations, insurance companies and the government have the right to veto requests for help,

 to turn away some and then accept another with the same condition quoting a difference in the impact and degree of disability.

why do they, with a rule book in hand reading only black and white letters and numbers with no formal training in what ails you accepts you or turns away.

and why is it so difficult to access treatment close to home where so many must travel at great cost and inconvenience because their home base places very little importance on your life and those like you.

have we become numb as a community of people uncaring only focusing on ourselves not wanting to get involved.

and why with all the news around this movie star and that athlete, or business tycoon suffering with depression and anxiety the stigma still hangs over the heads of the average joe.

why do others point fingers at those suffering from within convinced they’re just looking for attention that there’s nothing wrong they want drugs to feed their addiction,

 how the reason for homelessness is varied and complex, that not all are druggies and alcoholics.

where do you think all those patients once cared for in medical facilities designed for the challenged have gone.

 they had no home; family has walked away.

where do they go.

what do they do.

 how do they get food.

 where do they sleep.

is any one willing to tend to their needs.

does anybody care.

such a sad society we’ve become when we’ve replaced our humanity with cool cars, the latest smart phones, gadgets of all sorts,

 compete with our friends, neighbours, even blood relations to out do one another, to climb that ladder to be better than anybody else.

but are we,

are we better or worse than we were once before before we supposedly progressed into a better more informed efficient and advanced race.

do you know the family down the street or across the hall,

 do you care.

why have we come to this.

 a biased and judgemental world torn further apart by a global pandemic and the resulting chaos of being restricted in our usual carefree ways.

 a life where we pass by each other refusing to make eye contact to smile to say hello to reach out to console or just listen.

we’ve advanced into the 21st century as a society built on technology,

racing to outer space to escape from a world where so many no longer feel safe or comfortable being themselves.

 it is a sad day indeed where greed and the need to control to take what others have and feel justified in doing so only because they’re happy and celebrating their uniqueness.

for all those persecuted for their beliefs, how they view themselves, for their inability to operate as the majority, for the colour of their skin, their religion, the unfortunate circumstances they suddenly find themselves in,

i commend you for your strength, the determination not to conform to the majority,

for standing on principle for what you believe in and how and where you wish to live.

thank you for being here.

 for showing and sharing your uniqueness.

for the willingness and patience to educate those wanting to learn.

may your god, or higher power, watch over you and keep you safe from harm.

many hugs,